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Transformation and relaunch of an already existing business to align with values of warmth, confidence & empathy, and communicate them clearly to their client base.

Bright Circle is a Sydney based bid writing agency for the infrastructure industry, specialising in writing bids, tenders and proposals for the engineering, construction and facilities management industries. We were contracted by the CEO to help transform and relaunch the brand to better represent and communicate its values to their clients. They wanted to convey their point of difference to begin the process of scaling and growth phase of the business.

Previous Branding.



Old logo.


Old website.

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Who are we?

UX Research.

We wanted to create a journey for the user.

Come to the website. Feel the brand & know the story. Discover the bike. Experience the lifestyle. Absorb the information. Learn the specs.

Begin with emotion, end with information.

We achieve this through video and imagery, leading to informative animations, augmented reality representation, and finally those tables of information that are important decision-makers.

The final step for the customer is the most engaging and interactive element of this site: The configurator, the 'Savic Bike Builder'.

Through our usual discovery session and initial research, we determined that Bright Circle had a reputation for being warm and empathetic when working with their clients. They value both their team and their clients and choose to not work on bids or projects which are detrimental to the environment or infringe on human rights. 

On looking at the current branding and communication, this messaging asnt as clear as it could be.

Bringing the bike to life.

3D CGI and Real-Time Viewer.

Since the bike itself is in the prototyping phase, it is challenging to photograph and use for promotional purposes and only one configuration exists.

This is where we can help to massively reduce marketing content production time and dependencies to build interest sooner. 

By using 3D CGI we are able to create the bike's digital twin. From here we can place the bike in any environment, both for stills and animation purposes.


We are also able to use this CGI version to enter the metaverse in the form of an augmented reality motorbike that anyone with a handheld digital device can see in their space.

CGI not only removes the risks and limitations of depending on a physical product, it also creates opportunities to prototype options, test ideas and validate markets without the cost of prototyping and fabrication. 

CGI enable us to create content that would simply be impossible in real life. We are able to pull the bike apart in mid-air during an investor presentation video in order to demonstrate the unique powertrain. 


We are able to bring the physical showroom experience to customers using cutting-edge 3d web technologies. We created a fully interactive experience in which the bike can be explored and engaged with from the comfort of your home.


Move it.


We were asked to come up with a quick and easy way to show investors the breakdown of the bike. We were able to achieve this by animating an exploded view of the parts breaking apart.

We also created a short interactive animation for the website that plays as the user scrolls. This provides a detailed view of the bike, with text descriptions, allowing them to stop at any point for a longer more detailed look at points of interest. 

Exploded View Animation

Interactive Animation for Website (placeholder until official website launch).

Into your world.

3D CGI & AR.

The difficulty with trying to sell a motorbike that doesn't exist yet, to customers around the country, is that they aren't able to see the physical bike in front of them very easily. 

A fun, interactive, easy way around this problem was our next solution... The realtime 3D viewer and the augmented reality viewer.

We created this product using the digital twin that we had created and hosted it within the metaverse.

This is an experience that puts the bike front and centre in front of the user and sparks excitement from seeing how it would look up close in their driveway, garage or even on their coffee table.

Interactive Realtime 3D Web Viewer

Augmented Reality Viewer

Build your bike.

3D CGI, UX/UI, Web Development

The main event.

Making an online purchase of a site unseen vehicle is a very difficult position for the customer to be in. Savic understands that this is troublesome and therefore wants to be as transparent as possible.

We have created a solution that will enable the customer to feel as in control, comfortable and informed as possible.

An online bike builder allows the user to choose whichever configuration they would like to see before purchasing. Would you like a different colour? Seat leathers? Suspension or brake changes? Put your bike together how you would like it, find out the cost, and put through your order.


We can't show you the configurator until the Savic website relaunches... But stay tuned, we will be updating as soon as we can. 

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